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Reflection Essay Writing Essay

English 98was an extremely educational and intriguing class. It was educated by educator Rall, who is a magnificent individual and superb instructor. We secured bunches of measures material and talked about themes during the residency of the class. We additionally learned numerous new thoughts regarding the occurrences going on in our nation, which were extraordinary for us. Perusing abilities were likewise sharpened while perusing different expositions and stories. Paper composing was a significant piece of the class. We composed exposition on handled food and weapon control, and gay issues. Each article showed us an alternate style or type of composing. I can genuinely say my article abilities have improved hugely through the span of this current year on account of the numerous aptitudes learned in this class ; be that as it may, I do feel I need more practice in coordinated exposition. We read our friends expositions, right the linguistic mistakes, offered recommendations to word position, and sentence use. Checking on and remedial abilities educated will be extremely useful later on as we keep on composing papers during school. Seeing others right my articles helped me see my expositions from various perspectives. Here and there letting another person read your paper can assist you with concocting a plan to use in your paper that you probably won't have seen previously. I fell your class was useful and I accept there is not something to be changed. The manner in which you talked about issues our reality is going tossed today caused me to get increasingly occupied with the subjects. I feel my secondary school English classes were squandered in light of the fact that my educators couldn't have cared less, I was kicked out my lesser year and I was sent to grown-up school. Everything we accomplished was work out of the book, I was acknowledged back to my school my senior year. At the point when I got sent back to secondary school I had an instructor who had our class occupied with the subject, I got through the class with an A+. You help me to remember him and I making the most of your group.

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Fertilizers :: essays research papers

Manures are substances included to the dirt splashed leaves of plants to assist them with developing better or now and again quicker. Plants need twenty essentail components to enable them to develop. Plants make starches. A plant needs nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, and magnesium the most to become solid. Most soils normally contain enough follow components for field crops, yet such components must be included when certain leafy foods plants are developed. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the best three components required in plant development. Vegetables are plants which retain nitrogen gas from the air and carry the gas to the ground. Vegetables are planted over with different harvests and those plants get the necessary measure of nitrogen and become solid. Â Â Â Â Â There are two sorts of manures. There is natural and inorganic. Natural manures are bonemeal, fishmeal, blood, and farmstead manuer. Inorganic manuer is Nitrogen, potassium or some other component essential in the guide of plant development. On the off chance that one accidently processes inorganic compost, the person must consider a to be at the earliest opportunity. One can get red eyes, irritation, and additionally stomach issues. Â Â Â Â Â During World War 2, the administration fabricated numerous manufacturing plants to retain nitrogen gas from the air and to utilize them in explosives. Not long after the war, these processing plants were utilized to retain nitrogen gas and to be utilized as a manure. This strategy was cheap and ranchers were presently really making a benefit. By 1985, ranchers utilized roughly eleven million tons of nitrogen a year. This is multiple times more than what ranchers utilized in 1950. Â Â Â Â Â The most broadly utilized compost is unadulterated alkali. It is kept in fluid structure under tension in steel tanks. Three strong nitrogen manures are ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, and ammonium phosphate. Two regular phosphorus composts are superphosphate and triple superphosphate. Phosphorous compost is made by treating phosphate rock with sulfuric corrosive. Potassium sulfate and potassium nitrate are utilized on crops that are hurt by chlorides. Â Â Â Â Â The term straight manure represents any material that provisions one of the three head macronutrients. The three macronutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Blended composts are manures that gracefully more than one macronutrient. This data is neccesary to one who is intrested in buying compost. The compost organizations or producers essentially list each bundle or compartment with three numbers. For instance a bundle that says 4-16-18, contains 4 percent nitrogen, 16 percent phosphoric oxide, and 18 percent potassium oxide.

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Amazing College Essay Submission Tips

Amazing College Essay Submission TipsAmazing College Essay Submission Tips should come to your aid when writing the college essays that you want to write. The college entrance essays are one of the toughest papers to write because they have to be appealing, meaningful and well-researched. Writing an essay on college admissions is not only about having the right information; it has to be creatively written as well.Many students think that the school's essay writing services do not offer help in writing their college essays but this is not true. It is important to know that these services provide various types of services that include help in drafting, writing, editing and post-editing the essays for the student.There are numerous aspects which need to be considered before writing a college entrance essay. First, you need to decide which college you want to apply to. Some schools have several admission requirements, while some only ask that you have a high school diploma. Therefore, th e college essay has to be structured so that it can be used for multiple applications.An excellent way to structure the college essays is to use them as a research paper. You need to include the personal information which will help the admissions officer in making a decision as to whether or not you would be a good candidate for admission.It is also important to do your research when composing your essay. There are many resources available online such as guides that focus on college essay writing. It is advisable to check out these guides so that you can get assistance in writing your college essay.As a guide, you can find tips on writing a college essay on different subjects such as grammar, composition, argumentation, research, etc. You can also look for helpful resources on how to properly submit the essay. This will help you in preparing the essays for the college boards.Many students often face difficulty with writing their essays as it is a very different from writing college entrance exams. However, it does not have to be difficult as long as you have the right mindset and tools to help you in writing the essay. It is a crucial step in the admissions process as it includes your personal information and shows that you are serious about your studies.One must always remember that the essay must be well-written so that it can make a good impression on the admissions officer. It is an important document that needs to be well-written as well as it should appeal to the admissions officer. These are the most important considerations for the college essay writing.

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized - 1349 Words

The legalization of marijuana has been a debate that has been going on for the past decade. Many Americans (about 80 percent surveyed) do believe in the legalization while others disagree. With the correct facts in place, it is easy to prove that the legalization of marijuana is a huge benefit to the American people and those who disagree are disagreeing for the wrong reasons. One reason it should be legalized is marijuana can be used for medical purposes, others say it can help lower the debt in America by taxing marijuana. Many of these arguments favoring marijuana are outlined in this paper. In Issue 17: Should Marijuana Be Legalized defended by Ethan A. Nadelmann, he shows the many benefits of legalizing marijuana. One being, how†¦show more content†¦All of this money can be saved if we were to legalize marijuana. â€Å"In Jon Gettman’s 2007 study â€Å"Lost Taxes and Other Costs of Marijuana Laws† he found that the U.S. marijuana industry is a $113 billio n annual business that costs taxpayers $31.1 billion in lost tax revenues. Gettman, who has a Ph.D. in public policy from George Mason University, suggests that $10.7 billion could be saved each year from the country’s $193 billion in annual criminal justice expenditures if marijuana arrests – 5.54 percent of all criminal apprehensions – were stopped.† (Kurlick, 2015) The government also spends billions of dollars on advertisements and anti-drug ads a year to show the dangers of marijuana use. They say that is addictive and it is also used as a gateway drug, when there is no proof of that. In 1988, Francis Young, a law judge concluded that â€Å"marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.† It can be addictive but only in extreme cases. In fact, marijuana is the least addictive and damaging drug out there, even less addictive than cigarettes and that is legal all throughout America. With lung can cer being a concern with most Americans who smoke or are around second-hand smoke. Unlike cigarettes, lung cancer involving marijuana is very rare. Did you know marijuana smokers smoke only a fraction of what cigarette users’ smoke? Marijuana can even improve lung capacity unlike cigarettes which cause lung cancer and other medical

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Essay on Understanding OPEC An Economic Analysis

Understanding OPEC: An Economic Analysis In the last few months, much has been said of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Interestingly enough, one of Iraq’s motivating factors was economics. Kuwait provided Iraq with a pretext for war as it violated the economic policies of the Organization of Oil-Exporting Countries by exporting oil above its quotas. This is but one chapter in the complicated history of OPEC. OPEC is an international assembly of nations which co-ordinates and unifies the petroleum policies of eleven countries and has enjoyed the highs and weathered the lows of oil prices in the last few decades. To solve their problems, both member countries and oil-importing countries must address the complex nature of oil price†¦show more content†¦Furthermore, a 1999 study reveals that OPEC countries commands reserves of 8111,526 million barrels of crude oil, representing 77.8% per cent of the world total of 1,042,536 millions barrels of crude oil† (FAQ 8). While this block of countries doe s not qualify as a clear-cut monopoly, it exerts tremendous influence on world supply and prices. OPEC has little concern for maximizing consumer surplus at the point where marginal cost intersects marginal revenue. Instead, it prefers to maximize profits. It constitutes one of two main players in a duopoly (when non-OPEC countries are considered a bloc). In 1973, OPEC drastically cut oil supply and saw the price of one barrel of oil skyrocketed to ninety dollars per barrel. The OPEC member countries amassed massive profits which reinvigorated stagnant economies. Slowly, however, the price of oil dropped, reaching a low of ten dollars in 1998. Short and long-term elasticity explain this movement of oil prices. The decrease in supply of oil in 1973 and the ensuing price increase illustrates the short-term inelasticity of oil demand. Elasticity measures buyers’ and sellers’ response to market condition. A highly inelastic product does not see demand drop as prices increase. Conversely, a highly elastic product sees demand drop significantly as price increases. In the short run, oil proves to be almost perfectly inelastic. This good is a necessity for all oil-based economies such as that of the United States withShow MoreRelatedEssay about JWI515 Week 5 Assignment 21521 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ Assignment 2: The Five Forces that Shape Strategy Zannia S. Carty Dr. Droll JWMI 515: Managerial Economics November 9, 2014 Awareness of the five forces can help a company understand the structure of its industry and stake out a position that is more profitable and less vulnerable to attack. By understanding how the five competitive forces that shape strategy influences profitability in a particular industry, executives can develop a strategy for enhancing their company’sRead MoreAnalysis of Future Demand of OPEC Oil2777 Words   |  11 Pagesï » ¿Analysis future demand of OPEC oil Introduction OPEC consists of oil producing countries, and a survey conducted in the year 2008 revealed that OPEC accounts for 58% of the globes crude oil products. This has contributed to growth of its member states to becoming the worlds rapidly growing consumers of oil. Therefore, having OPEC member states as significant consumers of oil has a significant impact on the volume of their oil exports globally affecting their oil revenue; in addition, the declineRead MoreThe Product Life Cycle Theory1965 Words   |  8 Pagesproducts have gone from maturity back to a period of rapid growth thanks to some improvement. OPEC must bank on the critics being right in order to maintain its power as a cartel. TechInsider of November 5, 2015 predicts fossils fuels will be obsolete by the earliest 2050. Unfortunately, with the amount of global conflict this prediction will probably not be accurate. In terms of strategic action, OPEC needs to act swiftly and quickly as if they do not adapt they will become obsolete. StrategiesRead MorePestel Analysis Is A Marketing Framework Used To Identify748 Words   |  3 PagesPESTEL Analysis is a marketing framework used to identify and analyze the macro-environmental factors surrounding an industry or an organization. The frame work consist of five components: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal. Political The Oil and Gas industry is heavily impacted by political factors by means such as tax policy, import export, exchange rate, and so on. Below are most recent change in global political context. †¢ The relationship between the USRead MoreDemand Of Oil Producing Countries1866 Words   |  8 Pagesto achieve their economic objectives was OPEC. The organization was modeled after the Texas Railroad Commission and formed at the Baghdad Conference in 1960 by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela . The founding five counties were later joined by Qatar, Indonesia, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, and Nigeria . At the time of its creation most industrial countries were immensely dependent on the oil imported from the region of the world represented by the OPEC members. NonethelessRead MoreInternational Energy Policy ( Iea )1824 Words   |  8 Pagessustainable energy policies for economic growth and environment protection, reduce greenhouse gas emission that contributes to climate change. †¢ To support renewable energy to secure future energy supplies and to alleviate environmental impact, through low carbon technology and improved energy efficiency. †¢ To find solutions for the global energy challenges through engaging with non member countries. †¢ Improve transparency of international markets through analysis and collection of energy data. USARead MoreWho Are The Most Important Actors Of The Global Political Economy?1446 Words   |  6 Pagesbetween the winners and losers of global economic exchange. In fact, understanding global economy relies on a clear knowledge of the process of political competition. Political power possessed by actors regulates economic activity and in turn this creates the basis for and affects political power. Through, critical analysis of the concept of global political economy it becomes clear that there are three prominent theories that form GPE, mercantilism, economic liberalism and Marxism. At this pointRead MoreShort Term And Long Term Perspective Of Institutional Development And Economic Growth Essay829 Words   |  4 Pagesjoneses (Itim international, 2015). â€Å"There is a dramatic need for a comprehensive strategy of Eurozone stability, institutional consolidation, and economic recovery and development that goes to the roots of the trouble, and places the necessary short-term stabilization measures within the long-term perspective of institutional development and economic growth† (Dallago, 213). The United States is one of the most persistence or cultural, personal fulfilling countries in the world in developing a relationshipsRead MoreAccounting Information and Predicting Financial Performance1049 Words   |  5 Pagesinformation includes regression analysis. Regression analysis is viewed by many to be more useful that financial data or ratios alone. Regression analysis often test whether past stock prices, sales, profit, financial ratios, solvency, and other items are related to other variables including GDP, interest rates, market saturation of the industry, etc. In addition, a degree of confidence can be determined concerning the relationship of the variables in regression analysis Accounting ratios are determinedRead MoreThe Nigeria Petroleum Corporation898 Words   |  4 Pagesin an area with little or no activity. This report will examine the relationship NNPC capabilities and environmental influences using PESTLE models. PESTLE Analysis is an analytical tool for strategic organizational planning. PESTLE is a strategic scheme for understanding external influences on a business. PESTLE stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental (Worthington Britton, 2009). It also concentrates on one of the biggest petroleum companies in Nigeria;

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Jest and Earnest in Chaucers Work - 2364 Words

Geoffrey Chaucer was born in London around 1342, though the details are vague at best, and lived until 1400. Little is known of his early education, but his works show that he could read French, Latin, and Italian, and as such was clearly very well educated, and it is also known that he spent much of his life close to the centres of English power because the first reports of Chaucer come from 1357 as a page in the household of Prince Lionel before he went to serve for Edward III in France, where he was captured and ransomed. His first literary work appeared in the form of `The Book of the Duchess in 1369, an allegory which grieves over the death of John of Gaunts wife Blanche. Chaucer wrote many other works after this period but it was†¦show more content†¦However, Chaucer clearly highlights the point to the reader that the prioress is none of these things as she flaunts her apparent beauty with what she wears and how she behaves. As David Aers tells us, The Prioress is one of the least reserved of Chaucers characters, openly flaunting her sexuality through her behaviour around the other pilgrims. Comments from Chaucer the pilgrim such as ful fetys was hir cloke, describing her elegant coat that she wore and the description of the prioress physical appearance itself clearly represent the idea that the prioress is drawing attention to herself. The idea of the prioress nose being tretys and Hir mouth ful small, and therto softe and reed show the physical flaunting of the prioress and though a nuns habit in the 14th Century would have been different to today, it was a sombre, highly modest garb worn to show penance. As such, the reader begins to wonder how our Prioresss forehead shows, much less how she displays the artificially high brow that was the height of fashion at the time. Despite all of this mockery from Chaucer at the prioress expense, it is clear that there is no actual malice in the comments that are being passed. Chaucer does not comment too much on her work with the Church and with other people, he merely highlights the flaw of the prioress vanity, a flaw that should not be present in a lady of the Church. This type of presentation if typical throughout the Canterbury Tales generalShow MoreRelatedChaucer s Pandarus And Foucault s Theory Of Power2905 Words   |  12 Pages M Chaucer’s Pandarus and Foucault’s Theory of Power 2319 Words 10 Pages If Geoffrey Chaucer for some unforeseen reason was unable to published The Canterbury Tales, then perhaps, his version of Troilus and Criseyde would be widely acknowledged as one of his most epic tragic poems. However, Chaucer’s poem, though adapted widely into various modern translations, for the sake of this paper the translation by Barry Windeatt will be used, the tale’s influential go-between is still a character tropeRead MoreA Picatrix Miscellany52019 Words   |  209 PagesRitual of Jupiter An Astrological Election of Mercury in the First Face of Virgo for Wealth and Growth XIV. Invocation of Mercury On the Decans and Tarot XV. XVI. XVII. XVIII. A Brief History of Tarot The Decans in Astrology Overview of Recent Tarot Works That Reference the Picatrix Magical Uses of the Tarot Colophon VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. XIII. ON THE PICA TRIX I. Introduction to the Picatrix (The Aim of the Sage) of al-Majriti, Maslamati ibn Ahmad Joseph H. Peterson The Ghà ¢yat al-Hakà ®m fi’l-sihr

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Color Me Butterfly free essay sample

Me Butterfly Essay In Color Me Butterfly, L. Y. Marlow describes an African American family in the 20th century. Not only does she describe the family’s experiences, she also explains events common to many African-Americans during this time. The book covers Isaac’s experience in the Great Migration. It also describes the Civil Rights movement, racial tension in America, and history from the late 1980’s through 2001. In studying this novel, the reader follows the experiences of many African Americans during the 1900s. The Great Migration was the movement of large numbers of African Americans from small southern towns and rural neighborhoods to large northern cities. Many African Americans moved up north because of the economy. Because of the lack of work, Isaac wanted to move up north to have a steady income. â€Å"Isaac convinced his parents to let him move by telling them; he’d make plenty more money in the big city than the little he earned sharecropping, and he’d be able to send them something every now and then. We will write a custom essay sample on Color Me Butterfly or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This proves that because of the lack of work in Kingstree, he moved up north not only for his family but himself to have a better life. The Civil Rights movement is mentioned several times throughout Marlow’s novel. People involved in the movement worked to ensure equality among African Americans and whites. In the south, it was all about segregation, but it was also segregation up north. One night, Mattie, Roy, and their friends were on their way to visit his neighbor.